Hotel health and safety measures

  • Rooms are disinfected and cleaned with certified biodegradable products 24 hours prior to guest check in.
  • Linens and textiles are cleaned through laundry certified process.
  • Reinforced new cleaning protocols for our dining areas.
  • Room service is now a no-contact service for a more intimate experience. Food is delivered in a closed compostable package with reusable bamboo plating and implements.
  • Signage to ensure social distancing during check-in at the front desk. Room keys are disinfected before and after each guest has returned them.
  • Private and convenient check in and out through app.
  • Upon arrival, all bags are to be disinfected by bellboys as well as golf carts used to transport guests after each use.
  • Signage on waiting areas has been installed to aid the flow and avoid crowds.
  • Hand sanitizer gel stations have been installed throughout the property for easy and convenient access for all guests.
  • All public areas will be sanitized daily with an electrostatic mist system.
  • Social distancing will be enforced when waiting in line for outdoor activities.
  • The number of people in elevators will be limited.

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